GCH Sevenbeauty's Iron Butterfly (Harper)
GCH Can. CH Lakecrew's Nauti Buoy (Buddy)

A few words about Buddy by owner Luann:
Buddy is a natural show dog. He enjoys being the center of attention and loves to entertain. He is extroverted and friendly. His titles include CH GCH Can. CH. He finished his Grand Championship at 17 months. He has a wonderful temperament and is one of only 2 intact males welcome into his doggy daycare facility of over 70 dogs. Buddy is loving, smart, and has a great nose. He enjoys nose work, boating, and treats. We've owned and loved a lot of dogs over the years, and we can honestly say that Buddy's captured our hearts like no other.

Info about Buddy

Harper and Buddy had all PWDCA recommended health tests/clearances done prior to the breeding. The results make them a suitable mating pair.

The puppies have this pedigree.

All puppies in this litter have gone to their forever homes.

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